perjantai 15. lokakuuta 2010

Miehitysmyytistä venäläisittäin ym.

Hyviä linkkejä, joista on jäänyt blogi kirjoittamatta.

Amerikan äärioikeiston näkemys hyvinvointivaltion ja kommunismin suhteesta (olen itse samaa mieltä):

“equate the Democratic party with the welfare state, welfare state with socialism, socialism with Communism”.

Venäläinen näkemys Viron miehitysmyytistä:

Mihail Demurin: Russia and The Baltic Case, Not a Case of “Flawed” History

Russia in Global Affairs

"The concept of “occupation” was basically designed to justify discrimination against ethnic minorities; deprive a substantial part of Latvian and Estonian residents of their basic political and socio-economic rights, and consolidate the domination of certain ethnocratic groups in these countries. "

Tässä eräs tsekki antaa Vaclav Havelille (natsi mikä natsi) "turpiin":

"And I can't resist adding the story of a friend of mine - a very Havelian "revisionist" communism-is-as-evil-as-Nazism-if-not-more-so sort of young intellectual who went off to gain enlightenment about the evils of communism at various meetings of the Society of Former Political Prisoners. He came back looking rather pale and shaken. "Jesus", he said "some of those poor old guys really had suffered terribly for decent views, but some of them really alarmed me - they really are fucking fascists!"

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